How to start Cadillac engine after sitting for 22 years

Ronnie Becnel’s question:

Hey, just got a 57 caddy that hasn’t been turned over in 22 years. What the best advice to prep engine before starting/turning the crank. Have you used Ultra one’s product in an engine block. Any advice is appreciated.”


OK, I’ve never used Ultra one, so I can’t give advice on that. BUT, since that baby has sat for SO long, do this: First, remove all the spark plugs. Then squirt some Marvel Mystery Oil (all auto parts stores and hardware stores sell it) into each spark plug hole. Then let it set for a couple of days. That stuff really loosens up rust and corrosion. Then get a new battery and crank the engine over with the spark plugs out. Hopefully it will crank over (though the starter motor may also be shot by now and you might have to put a new one on.) If the motor won’t turn over, then get a long cheater bar with a socket that fits on the end of the crankshaft in the middle of the harmonic ballancer. Try turning the engine over by hand. If you finally get the engine to spin, then spin it a while until the oil you put in the plug holes has splashed out. Then put in the spark plugs and prime the carburetor with a little gas and hope it fires up. good luck,

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