Is it worth buying 1967 Cadillac For Restoriation?

Arlene’s question:

My husband want to buy an old 67 Cadillac and fix it up. PLEASE give me some information I can use to talk him out of it. I don’t want another old car taking over the garage for years again.”


Well, he may have his mind set, but here goes: Getting parts for older Cadillacs can be an expensive pain, because the dealers stop stocking parts after eight years or so. The last customer I had who attempted such a feat spent untold thousands of dollars, and ended up eight years later selling the car at a BIG loss. You must realize that really restoring a car can cost ten to twenty thousand dollars, and unless the car is a REAL classic, you will never recoup your investment. Guys that buy classic cars are VERY picky about original equipment, and if any parts are aftermarket and not original, they won’t even give an offer for the car. So there’s a little bit of ammunition for your attempt to derail him.

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