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1999 Cadillac Deville C1277 ABS Trouble Code

Julius’s question:

The traction control light flashes on and off in my 99 Deville. It had code C1277 when I had it scanned. Something about the ABS module. But the brakes feel fine to me. What should I do?


Yes, the ABS module costs a small fortune on that Cadillac. BUT, I fixed one last month with the same problem. It turned out the electrical connector on the ABS module had gotten corroded. So I unplugged the module and cleaned it out with spray electrical cleaner until the green corossion was gone. Then I applied dielectrical grease (which you can get at any auto parts store) to the connector before snapping it back together. So check that, because being under the hood, water can intrude on that connector and mess things up. Let’s hope it’s that and not a bad expensive ABS module.

Cadillac Deville 2000 Alternator Not Charging

Marcus’s Question: My 2000 Cadillac Deville stopped charging and went dead. I had the battery and alternator replaced, but the alternator still won’t charge the battery. The guys at Auto Zone checked the alternator on their machine, and it works fine. So it’s got to be something feeding the alternator. What should I check next?



Answer: Yes, you’ve got a stinker on your hands. SO, check all the wiring going to the alternator to make sure none are burned or loose. Of course, check the fuses to see if any are burned. Hopefully it’s something simple like that. BECAUSE in that Caddie, the alternator is ultimately run by the main computer, and are they Expensive. Occasionally I see one go bad and have to be replaced because the alternator would no longer charge. Let’s hope it’s just a broken wire somewhere instead.