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Remove Small Scratches From Black Car

KJ’s question:

Love your site!!! What do recommend for gettng small scratches out of a black car? What wax do you recommend for black paint?”


Removing small scratches can be done with any scratch remover you can buy at all auto parts stores. I personally have used Kit Scratch Out for years, it’s in a little yellow plastic bottle. Just follow the directions on the bottle, it’s pretty simple. As for wax, the hard paste wax is best to use, the liquids don’t work as well or last as long. There are a zillion brands out there, I usually just buy turtle wax with carnauba wax in it (the carnauba really makes a difference, whatever brand you buy make sure carnauba is in it.)The color of your car is immaterial to the wax, as most cars are clear coat painted these days and you’re really just polishing a clear coat of paint anyway.