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$3500 Free Voucher to purchase new car

Peter’s question:

“Hi , I was told that an old car not able to pass State Inspection can be stopped and given a voucher for $3500 for purchasing a new car. I have a 23 years old car that may not pass next month. What do I need to do in order to get that voucher? Thanks for your helpful a prompt answers. Regards, Peter”


Well, different states have different laws, so check the laws in your area. Here in Texas it’s a deal that you get a certain amount of money to be credited for buying another car if your personal income is below a certain specified amount. If you contact the DPS through phone or their website. The rules are always changing, so check BEFORE you take a leap. And realize that whoever accepts these vouchers is probably going to hit you pretty heavy on the price they charge for another car (these deals often negate any bargaining over price, so Be Wary.)