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Ho Long Tyre Sealant Lasts?

John’s question:

I just finished watching you video about tire repair. I was just wondering how long do those sealants last? Should I replace the tire as soon as possible or will the sealant last til the life of the tire itself? “


It really depends upon what has caused the leak in the tire. If it’s a small crack, it can seal it for the life of the car. If it’s a nail or a piece of glass, you need to remove the offending item from the tire and at least plug the hole because this foreign object will continue to move about in the tire as you drive and create new leaks. And of course, always look at how much tread is left on the tire. Because most tires get flats because the tread is wearing things and stuff like nails and glass then can rip holes in this thin tread and cause a flat.

Squeking noise from wheel after wheel bearing replacement

Michelle’s question:

hi thx for the advice about tmy squeaky car, it has got so bad now that i will take it to a garage to be checked over. i do have another problem tho, i wonder if you can help. i recently had the front wheel bearing replaced, as it was making a noise. the garage said i will need to have the hub changed as well, since it was also damaged. the bearing stopped making for a while but the wheel is squeaking again, but not when i apply the brakes. also the noise is intermittent. like something is out of alignment, similar to a bicyle wheel when it catches on the brakes pads. could this be the hub/bearing or something else entirely. your help is much appreciated. thx michelle”


Odds are they didn’t do the job correctly when they did the wheel bearing job in the first place. IF the hub was bad, and that is rare, then they should have replaced it when they did the wheel bearing. They could have easily damaged the hub when replacing the wheel bearing, OR they could have bent something in the front end, such as the brake dust cover, which would now make noise. I see that a lot in wheel bearing work (though mainly in ones people try to do themselves and don’t have the experience in doing it correctly, it’a a Royal Pain job in some cases and people get frustrated and start inadvertently bending things.) If I were you, I’d go to a different mechanic and see what they say. And as the previous mechanic has already had a couple of chances and hasn’t satisfied you, I’d stop going to them.

Thanks for answering my question on octane

John’s question:

Thanks for answering my question on octane. One more question. There is a myth that using higher octane makes your car live longer. Is this the case for my accord?”


No, if your car is made for regular gasoline like that accord, using higher octane gas won’t make it last any longer. High octane gas is needed only for high compression engines, turbo charged engines, or super charged engines.

Akebono brake pads in Texas

RM’s question:

Where can I find Akebono brake pads? Thanks,”


I get them at the old Bap Geon Stores, if you’re in Houston, call 713 227 1544 and tell them Scotty sent you. If not, ask at your local auto parts stores.

Remove Small Scratches From Black Car

KJ’s question:

Love your site!!! What do recommend for gettng small scratches out of a black car? What wax do you recommend for black paint?”


Removing small scratches can be done with any scratch remover you can buy at all auto parts stores. I personally have used Kit Scratch Out for years, it’s in a little yellow plastic bottle. Just follow the directions on the bottle, it’s pretty simple. As for wax, the hard paste wax is best to use, the liquids don’t work as well or last as long. There are a zillion brands out there, I usually just buy turtle wax with carnauba wax in it (the carnauba really makes a difference, whatever brand you buy make sure carnauba is in it.)The color of your car is immaterial to the wax, as most cars are clear coat painted these days and you’re really just polishing a clear coat of paint anyway.

How to remove brake drums from a car

Aron’s question:

i was wondering if you could tell me how to remove the brake drum and do you have any video were you show the steps thank you”


No videos lying around, BUT the theory in removing drums is the same on all cars. Different cars have different designs, BUT all need the drums to be pulled away from the hub. Many foreign cars have small drilled and tapped holes in the drums. You get two bolts that screw into those holes. Then when you screw the bolts in, they push against the axle and lift the drums off. Most American cars don’t have these holes, and have to be pried off. Try hammering from the reverse side on the ridge if this is your case, and hope they aren’t locked on inside by worn out shoes. If so, you have to screw in the adjusters from the back of the drum until you get enough clearance to remove the drum. In the even they are REALLY rusted on, mechanics just cut the old drum off with a torch and buy a new, or used drum to replace it with.

How to find low side and high side on an a/c unit

John’s question:

Which is the low side and high side on an a/c unit”


The low side is generally the thicker AC line while the high side is the thinner diameter line. On all modern cars with 134 A refrigerant, the low side line has a smaller diameter port fitting where you add the refrigerant once you screw the cap off. The high side add port has a larger diameter port fitting where you check the high pressure with a gauge set. If you get a fitting to add refrigerant to the system, you will find the fitting for adding refrigerant will ONLY fit the low side. It will be too small to fit on the high side line on any 134 A refrigerant system. And if you have a set of AC gauges, you’ll notice the low side should run between thirty and forty pounds of pressure with the compressor running, and the high side would be 200 to 300 pounds.

2000 Chevy Impala Wheel bearing replacement cost

Christine’s question:

How much should the labor cost for replacement of two front wheel bearings at a reputable repair outfit? I’ve seen online that the part retails for anywhere from $65.00 – $175.00 so what can I expect to pay for labor to replace two of them on a 2000 Chevy Impala?”


The labor for replacing both sides is 1.8 hours. So that’s 1.8 times whatever labor rates the shop charges. Most shops charge between sixty five and a hundred dollars per hour, so check out where you live what different guys charge for their labor rate. AND, realize that it’s a pretty simple bolt off and bolt on job, anyone with basic hand tools can do the job themselves. Since the wheel bearings are in a hub assembly, there is no bearing pressing on and off necessary to do the job. In the older cars, you need a fifteen ton machine press to do the job, now you don’t.

Do you have to turn the brake rotors every time you change the brake shoes

R M’s question:

Do you have to turn the brake rotors every time you change the brake shoes Thanks,”


No, only change the rotors when they are either warped (with the brake pedal and steering shaking when braking hard) or if they have large grooves in them. And I advise not to turn rotors in modern cars. The rotors are just made cheaper these days and often warp when they are turned on a lathe. Just buy new ones, they have come WAY down in prices since many are now made in China.

How To Remove Stuck Brake Caliper Bolts?

Jon’s question:

Hello, . I’m trying to remove the rear brake calipers. I’ve got the top bolt out but I can’t seem to get the bottom bolt loose?!? What’s your advice to get the bolt loose? Can I little WD-40 help or would it cause damage or fire when the brakes are engaged??”


I’ve had great luck with a better spray, called PB Blaster (I get it at Auto Zone.) Spray the bolt and let it soak overnight, attempting to spray some inside the calliper where the bolt slides (the blaster creeps into holes and can loosen things.) When you get it off, simply spray the whole assembly with a can of brake cleaner spray you can buy at any auto parts store. Now if you just can’t get that baby off, go to a mechanic and they can use their air impact wrench, they get anything off. I did one yesterday and it took one second to get it off, then I removed the whole calliper and sliders and lubricated them with brake lube so it wouldn’t happen again. Good Luck,