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1987 Lincoln Town Car takes a while to start

RM’s question:

Hi Scotty, My 1987 Lincoln Town Car takes a while to start. I’ve changed the spark plugs & the wireset. The only thing left is the distributor cap and rotor. Should I change both, or just the rotor. Anything else you can suggest. I’ve put mostly OEM parts. Should I go OEM or is O’reilly/Autozone parts OK? Thanks,”


OEM is best, and I’d change both the cap and the rotor. BUT, realize that an oldster like that can start hard from both ignition and or fuel problems. If it’s a fuel problem, most guys will live with it rather than spend a small fortune fixing it if the car does eventually start and run ok.

2004 Lincoln won’t shift out of second or fifth gear

Al’s question:

My 2004 Lincoln won’t shift out of second or fifth gear. I’ve gone to various transmission shops and have heard all kinds of stories about what the problem could be. Almost all of them wanted to totally rebuild the transmission for a whole lot of money. Have you ever seen this, and more importantly, was the fix a bit less than a total rebuild?”


Yes, I have seen that before. The last one I did had a bad overdrive servo piston which had broken in half. Replacing it was a WHOLE lot cheaper than rebuilding the entire transmission. So have that servo piston checked out, this might be your lucky day.

1987 Lincoln Town Car emmisions valve removal

R M’s question:

Hi , I have a 1987 Lincoln Town Car. How do I install an emissions valve & tubing that goes from the passenger side of the motor to the back of the engine. I know there are two bolts in the back that attach the tubing. Would I need special tools? Thanks”


There are no special tools, BUT realize that baby has gotten REALLY hot from the exhaust fumes and often they just rust on. Try soaking them with some PB blaster spray overnight. Then attempt to take it off. There isn’t much working room there, and sometimes mechanics even have to use a torch to cut the old one off if things are really rusted and corroded. good luck

My 2002 Lincoln hesitates and sometimes will crank for minutes before it starts

Andie’s question:

My 2002 Lincoln hesitates and sometimes will crank for minutes before it starts. I had it scanned and got a code for fuel pump circuit problem. I had the pump pressure tested and the pressure was fine. What can I do now?”


Well, I fixed one like that a couple months ago. It turned out the fuel pump relay was sticking on and off. When it was on, everything worked fine, but when it was off, it wouldn’t start and would hesitate when running. So I’d just advise replacing the fuel pump relay first. You can buy one at any Ford dealer and they can show you where it is on their computer so you can just plug the old one out, and the new one in. That should solve your problem.

2005 Lincoln LS Parking Brake Light On

Joan’s question:

“The parking brake light keeps coming on in my 2005 Lincoln LS. The parking brakes aren’t coming on or anything, as I put the car in neutral and it still rolls freely. I’ve had a local mechanic look at it, but he can’t find anything wrong. Please lend me a hand.”


Well, I fixed one like that about a month ago, and it was a REAL wild one. Your Lincoln has electronic parking brakes, which are computer controlled. And on the car I fixed, one of the coolant control valves had shorted out (which you’d think would have nothing to do with the parking brakes, but alas, that isn’t so.) This bad valve created some type of radio frequency that the electronic parking brake system picked up on, and would turn the parking brake warning light on because of this interference. When I replaced the bad coolant control valve and reset the Lincoln’s computer, the parking brake warning light stopped coming on. So definitely have a mechanic check that one out. It’s a solution that isn’t going to be easily discovered otherwise.

2000 Lincoln Town Car Wipers Not Working

Lorraine’s question:

The wipers on my 2000 Town Car aren’t working right. They skip on work jerkily when I turn them on, and they shut off wherever they are when I turn them off. They don’t go back to the bottom. I’ve changed the motor assembly but it still does the same. HELP!


Well, normally replacing the wiper motor assembly will fix that. But I did see a Lincoln that did that before. The wiring harness was corroded where it feeds into the firewall under the brake booster. So have the wiring feed to the wipers checked closely. Odds are a wire is either corroded, broken, or has a corroded connector that water got into.