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2000 Saturn MIL not ready stored in my computer

Gary’s question:

My 2000 Saturn won’t pass the yearly emissions test. They tell me there are no trouble codes, but that I have too many “MIL not readys” stored in my computer. They suggested I drive the car some more to reset the computer. I’ve gone three hundred miles and they said it still won’t pass. Help.”


Well, those are the real stinkers to fix because there are no trouble codes to use to track down the problem. But there still is live data that can be read. Have your car scanned for live data, and then have this data analyzed. Hopefully there will be some data that is not normal, showing you what system isn’t working right. I fixed a Saturn a couple months ago with the same problem, and it turned out to be a bad engine coolant temperature switch. It had corroded and was giving bad info to the main computer. Perhaps yours has the same problem, so check it out.