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How to start a blog

Starting a blog is easy with the right information you can blog about anything that you want. So long as it makes you happy. I am about to show you how you can start a blog that would take you places on the internet. But first, there are some key questions you need to ask yourself. They include:
  1. Do you have something to share to the rest of the world?
  2. Are you able to convince and capture the attention of those who read your blog?
  3.  Are you able to blog consistently for six months in your blog topic?
  4. Which platform to blog on?
  5. Which blog theme/ template to use?
  6. Which Domain to choose for your blog?
  7. Do you have $10.00 for domain purchase and registration?
  8. Do you enjoy leaving comments on other blogs?
  9. Are you active in online forums especially in the ones that are related to your blog topic?
  10. Are you ready to monetize your blog no matter how?
  11. Are you willing to pay someone to blog for you while you keep the profits?
The eight questions above determine the success of every blogger. If answered correctly a blogger can earn upto seven figures on the internet. Let no one lie to you with the ‘ get rich scams’. The questions above should be the basis of your blog.
How do you ensure that you answer the questions correctly?
Let’s start with the first Question; what we blog about is not specific. It is determined by various factors around us. They could be factors or events that positively or negatively impact our lives.

Blogging has a tool empowers individuals with a tool that generates income and provides an outlet to communicate with the rest of the world. For many people, starting a blog has completely changed how they live their lives and for the better. By Yaro Starak Continue reading ‘How to start a blog’