2001 Chevy Venture temperature gauge acts wildly

Joshua’s question:

” I want your professional advice. The temperature gauge on my 2001 Chevy Venture acts wildly. It goes from half to three quarters to even higher. But I don’t lose any coolant and it runs fine otherwise. I even had the dash unit replaced with a GM rebuilt unit and the temperature sending unit on the engine changed also. BUT, it still does the same thing. What should I do now?”


Well, make absolutely sure you’re not losing coolant and that the head gasket on the engine isn’t starting to blow, but I assume the other mechanic has already checked this stuff out. If so, I’d personally live with it. I’ve seen many of those Ventures just act that way. Something in the dash unit and the software just does that in many of them as they age. I have personal customers who’ve lived with those “nutty” gauges for years, and it gets REALLY hot here in Texas. They’ve had no cooling system problems otherwise, so they just live with it.

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