98 Chevy Blazer A/C Alternates Hot Cold

Jerome’s question:

My 98 Blazer is driving me nuts. When I turn on the AC, it keeps fluctuating between hot and cold air blowing out. No matter what I do with the controls, it just goes Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold unless I just turn the whole thing off. HELP ME, please.”


Well, today’s your lucky day. I just fixed a Blazer with the same exact problem last week. There’s a part on your heating and ac control system called the “temperature blend door actuator” and it probably has gone bad. When this actuator breaks down, it keeps opening and closing the blend door, so you get hot air when it’s open, and cold air when it’s closed. If you’re mechanically inclined, just go to a Chevy dealer and buy the actuator (they can show you on their computer where the little monster is hidden in the dash.) Or, have a mechanic change it out for you.

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