99 chevy metro screeching belt noise when running

Margarito’s question:

i have a 99 Chevy Metro. every morning that i turn it on it makes an awful screeching noise and also it blows out a cloud of white smoke. one person told me that my belt might be to tight and another said its not tight enough. what can i do about the noise and the smoke?”


I assume the smoke is coming from under the hood and not out the tailpipe. If it’s coming out the tailpipe, then the head gasket in the engine is blowing and it will cost a ton to fix. If the smoke is coming from under the hood, then it’s a fan belt. It’s probably not the belt itself, but whatever it drives is probably wearing out. Such as a worn water pump or alternator or AC compressor which will lock up and then smoke the belt. Have everything that’s belt driven checked out to find out which one is wearing out before you get stranded.

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