1992 Dodge Dynasty 4 speed automatic transmission rebuild

Henry’s question:

1992 Dodge Dynasty 4 speed automatic transmission. Rebuilt 6 year ago. won’t shift from 1st gear. Changed fluid and filter. Didn’t help. Need your help!!


I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, BUT it’s probably the tranny gone out again. Check the shifter to make sure it isn’t sticking in the low gear position (the cables sometimes go bad and won’t select drive) because this happens occasionally. In the olden days, cars had vacuum modulators that shifted the cars and when bad they would stay in first gear. BUT, yours is computer controlled and has no such part. Do have a good tranny mechanic check the computer system out first though, because it might be a solenoid in the transmission and not need a total rebuild again. Realize you’re not the only one in this boat, I’ve seen scores of Chrysler products have their trannies rebuilt three and even four times. They are pretty weak items.

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