2000 Dodge Durango dies at stop

Lisa’s question:

” We replaced the idle air control valve on our 2000 Dodge Durango, and the vehicle still dies when coming to a stop. Sometimes it dies more violently than others. Sometimes it won’t die at all. It’s almost as if the brakes have some sort of secret switch that kills the engine when applied. (I’m just being silly here, but it’s a good description.) Any other ideas on what might be wrong? Thanks!”


The idle air control valve is ultimately controlled by the main computer, so sometimes that is the VERY expensive problem. BUT,more commonly, vacuum leaks on the intake system cause stalling when coming to a stop. Look for loose vaccum lines or sucking sounds when the engine is running. Mechanics like myself use smoke machines to inject smoke into the intake system and look for where the smoke comes rising up to find such leaks. So start looking for vaccuum leaks under the hood and hopefully it’ll just be a loose or cracked vaccuum hose.

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