2001 Dodge Dakota ABS Light Above 70MPH

Carl’s question:

“Hello, I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota. The AntiLock Break light comes on when I go speeds of 70mph. It stays on until I shut the vehicle off and does not light up again unless I go 70mph. I have replaced the speed sensor on the transmission, didn’t help. No change. I am stumped. Any ideas what the problem is? And yes the wise answer is don’t drive 70mph… not really funny anymore everyone says the same joke… :)”


Somehow your anti lock brake system is breaking down at seventy miles per hour. Now you changed the sensor on the transmission, BUT there are also sensors at the wheels, which are the more common ones that go bad on that vehicle. You could also have a problem in the wiring, or even the main ABS computer to trip that code. Diagnosis without a lot of experience and some REALLY expensive computer software is pretty much impossible, other than just guessing with replacing parts. I’d advise finding a Chrysler mechanic who knows ABS inside and out. He’s probably seen that exact problem before and could figure it out pretty quick. BUT, on the plus side, ABS systems are fail safe, so when that dumb light comes on, you still have normal, non ABS functioning brakes. I have TONS of customers driving around with the ABS light on in their vehicles when they discover what the repair costs would be (some ABS accumulators cost over seventeen hundred dollars.)

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