Dodge Ram Abs And Brake Light On

Marky’s Question: My 2004 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck keeps turning the ABS light on. And when it comes on, the brake light also comes on and sometimes the speedometer goes up and down randomly. what’s going on?



Answer: Yes, this is a pretty common problem in areas where it rains a lot. The main anti lock braking (ABS) controller under the hood has a large electrical connector on it. It often gets full of water when it rains, due to drainage on the truck and the position of the connector. Unplug it and look inside. If it’s all wet and/or corroded, clean it off really well with spray electrical cleaner. Then put dielectrical grease on the connector inside BEFORE snapping it back together. This will stop water intrusion from bothering it anymore. I see this an awful lot in those Dodge trucks.