My 98 Dodge Caravan won’t run (no trouble codes)

Alice’s question:

My 98 Caravan won’t run at all. We’ve had it towed to two different shops and no one can figure it out. They both told me there are no trouble codes, and they just can’t find why it won’t run. HELP!”


With no trouble codes to go by, fixing a car can be a royal pain. Of course, when I was young, cars didn’t have trouble codes so we had to figure them all out from scratch. Now I assume the two mechanics you used checked all the obvious like a possible bad fuel pump or a bad ignition system, so I’ll rule those out here. On many of those Caravans, as they age, the wiring harness wears from rubbing on the top of the automatic transmission where the wiring bundle touches the transmission. When it wears through the insulation, the main wiring harness there will short out. You will often get no codes with such a problem, and it is a REALLY common problem with those mini van, so have them check that out first. The last one I fixed was easy, when I knew where to look. The first one I did had me pulling hairs.

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