Ford E250 Misfires

Walter’s question:

i have seen you, and i have a question for you, i got a problem with a van E250 econoline ford misfiring please could you tell me posible causes, car has new computer,spark plugs,ignition wires,new cat converters,new coil….”


Misfiring can be caused by many factors, most of which you have already replaced. That leaves the possibility of you having bought defective parts (always a possibility as they don’t make things like they used to) OR having a vacuum leak somewhere in the intake system, a bad timing chain, bad valves in the engine, a blown head gasket, OR bad fuel injectors. Fords commonly do get leaky intake manifolds and or manifold gaskets, so start there. And of course, do a compression reading of all the cylinders to see if the engine has just worn out internally and needs rebuilding. If you have access to a good scan tool, check the data and see when the misfiring occurs. Because some of those Ford engines have weak valve springs as they age, and they will only misfire under high rpms when the valves have to open and close really fast. The scan tool will show misfiring ONLY when the rpms are high in this case.

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