2000 Chevy Impala Wheel bearing replacement cost

Christine’s question:

How much should the labor cost for replacement of two front wheel bearings at a reputable repair outfit? I’ve seen online that the part retails for anywhere from $65.00 – $175.00 so what can I expect to pay for labor to replace two of them on a 2000 Chevy Impala?”


The labor for replacing both sides is 1.8 hours. So that’s 1.8 times whatever labor rates the shop charges. Most shops charge between sixty five and a hundred dollars per hour, so check out where you live what different guys charge for their labor rate. AND, realize that it’s a pretty simple bolt off and bolt on job, anyone with basic hand tools can do the job themselves. Since the wheel bearings are in a hub assembly, there is no bearing pressing on and off necessary to do the job. In the older cars, you need a fifteen ton machine press to do the job, now you don’t.

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