Car Braking Too Much Power Assist, Jerking Braking

Yuri’s question:

After extensive search I came across your site and decided to give it a try. I own this car for 7 year and never had a problem with braking. It was always precise. I see the red light or stop sign, I push the pedal depending on the speed and it always stopped where I knew it would stop. Lately, I noticed that with the same pressure on the pedal it stops about 10 feet earlier. Then I have to release pedal and push it again to make to the stop line. Besides, even at the low speed the car kind of pushes back heavily when it comes to a full stop. In other word, even I try to brake as soft as possible I’m getting a heavy push back which was never the case before. I don’t want to waste your time. I went to my mechanic who served my car all those years. Of course, the first thing he recommended to replace rear pads and rotors since they did have grooves. I did, but nothing changed even with brand new ones. He also checked calipers and said they work. Any suggestion? Thank you in advance.”


OK, you have a problem in the boost system of the car. It’s giving you too much power boost, causing the too fast braking and the vehicle to jerk when you do come to a stop. So, something is wrong with your power boost system, applying too much boost. Odds are the vacuum booster unit is going out and needs replacing, It’s not a really common Lexus problem, but it does happen occasionally.

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