Engine low vacuum

Geoff’s question:

I have scanned the MAP and it reads 28 kpa or 9 in.hg @ idle this confirms low vacuum. I have found that the PCV is quite loose in the top of the engine can this be the culprit. Been reading up on vacuum gauge diagnostics and how it can tell the state of the engine.”


It depends upon where it is loose. If it is just loose where it fits into the valve gasket, then no, that would just cause oil to drip on the top of the engine. If the actual vacuum hose going into it was loose, then yes. Or is the pcv valve itself was leaking internally or the other end of the PCV hose was loose where it fit on the vacuum pressure source side. That’s where a smoke machine comes in handy–the smoke will come pouring out of the leak site once the machine is turned on and pressurized.

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