Fuel Line Replacement for Rochester carb

Dave’s question:

Scotty I have a chevy powered motorhome 5.7 L V-8 4bbl carb, I recently bought a rebuilt Rochester carb for it, however the fuel inlet line is not in the same location and the original metal fuel line won;t thread in right because of a vac operated linkage in the way,the carb came with a short 3 inch stub line and a fitting,,I was told I could run a rubber fuel line to the outlet of the mechanical fuel pump about 25 inches away as long as I made sure the line does not rub or lay against a hot engine part,, do you think I would have a safety issue by doing this? thanks Dave”


NO, not as long as you use a rubber FUEL line. There are many rubber hoses you can buy, but you must use one made for carrying fuel (not vacuum pressure or oil or anything else.) Lines at auto parts stores are labelled so you can get the correct one. With a carburetor, your fuel inlet pressure is two or three pounds per square inch, so leakage won’t happen as long as you tighten the little stainless steel fuel clamps tightly. And on any fitting you have to screw in, put teflon tape on the threads BEFORE you screw the parts together. Then you won’t go down in flames from leaking gasoline.

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