Ho Long Tyre Sealant Lasts?

John’s question:

I just finished watching you video about tire repair. I was just wondering how long do those sealants last? Should I replace the tire as soon as possible or will the sealant last til the life of the tire itself? “


It really depends upon what has caused the leak in the tire. If it’s a small crack, it can seal it for the life of the car. If it’s a nail or a piece of glass, you need to remove the offending item from the tire and at least plug the hole because this foreign object will continue to move about in the tire as you drive and create new leaks. And of course, always look at how much tread is left on the tire. Because most tires get flats because the tread is wearing things and stuff like nails and glass then can rip holes in this thin tread and cause a flat.

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