How to check used car before buying

Darrell’s question:

” I’m thinking about buying a used Toyota Camry, but am worried about buying someone else’s problem, since many people get rid of cars when they have serious problems. How can I avoid a lemon?”


Well, you picked a pretty good model to purchase in the first place. And realize there are plenty of reasons for people to sell their old car–status, new car fever, middle aged crazies, etc. If you’ve been driving for a while, a good fifteen minute road test on the highway and in city driving will give you a decent feel as to the driveability of the car. And if it passes your drive test, then just go to a good mechanic and have him (or her) check it out professionally. I do this all the time for my customers, and the hundred bucks or so you’ll spend is well worth it. You can save SO much money buying a good used car, it’s worth the effort as long as you have it checked out correctly.

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