How to remove brake drums from a car

Aron’s question:

i was wondering if you could tell me how to remove the brake drum and do you have any video were you show the steps thank you”


No videos lying around, BUT the theory in removing drums is the same on all cars. Different cars have different designs, BUT all need the drums to be pulled away from the hub. Many foreign cars have small drilled and tapped holes in the drums. You get two bolts that screw into those holes. Then when you screw the bolts in, they push against the axle and lift the drums off. Most American cars don’t have these holes, and have to be pried off. Try hammering from the reverse side on the ridge if this is your case, and hope they aren’t locked on inside by worn out shoes. If so, you have to screw in the adjusters from the back of the drum until you get enough clearance to remove the drum. In the even they are REALLY rusted on, mechanics just cut the old drum off with a torch and buy a new, or used drum to replace it with.

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