How To Remove Stuck Brake Caliper Bolts?

Jon’s question:

Hello, . I’m trying to remove the rear brake calipers. I’ve got the top bolt out but I can’t seem to get the bottom bolt loose?!? What’s your advice to get the bolt loose? Can I little WD-40 help or would it cause damage or fire when the brakes are engaged??”


I’ve had great luck with a better spray, called PB Blaster (I get it at Auto Zone.) Spray the bolt and let it soak overnight, attempting to spray some inside the calliper where the bolt slides (the blaster creeps into holes and can loosen things.) When you get it off, simply spray the whole assembly with a can of brake cleaner spray you can buy at any auto parts store. Now if you just can’t get that baby off, go to a mechanic and they can use their air impact wrench, they get anything off. I did one yesterday and it took one second to get it off, then I removed the whole calliper and sliders and lubricated them with brake lube so it wouldn’t happen again. Good Luck,

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