Squeking noise from wheel after wheel bearing replacement

Michelle’s question:

hi thx for the advice about tmy squeaky car, it has got so bad now that i will take it to a garage to be checked over. i do have another problem tho, i wonder if you can help. i recently had the front wheel bearing replaced, as it was making a noise. the garage said i will need to have the hub changed as well, since it was also damaged. the bearing stopped making for a while but the wheel is squeaking again, but not when i apply the brakes. also the noise is intermittent. like something is out of alignment, similar to a bicyle wheel when it catches on the brakes pads. could this be the hub/bearing or something else entirely. your help is much appreciated. thx michelle”


Odds are they didn’t do the job correctly when they did the wheel bearing job in the first place. IF the hub was bad, and that is rare, then they should have replaced it when they did the wheel bearing. They could have easily damaged the hub when replacing the wheel bearing, OR they could have bent something in the front end, such as the brake dust cover, which would now make noise. I see that a lot in wheel bearing work (though mainly in ones people try to do themselves and don’t have the experience in doing it correctly, it’a a Royal Pain job in some cases and people get frustrated and start inadvertently bending things.) If I were you, I’d go to a different mechanic and see what they say. And as the previous mechanic has already had a couple of chances and hasn’t satisfied you, I’d stop going to them.

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