1995 Geo Metro Noise From CV Joints

Ermanno’s question:

1995 Geo Metro 1.3 automatic…CV Joint? Hi: I hope this note finds you well.. I looked at the CV boots, they seem fine on both sides, no tears, there was a bit of grease at the end of the boot-passengers side though. I wonder…I don’t hear that “steady clicking noise” when turning-typical of a cv joint going bad. What I’m getting is a clunking/crunching noise when making a regular left turn. It sometimes also occurs when accelerating at slow speed just going straight…faster speeds are fine. I feel it under the driver’s side floor. I looked at the ball joints, grabbed them to check for any play, bushings all seem fine. Tell me if I’m right, if a car makes a clicking/clunking noise when turning right it’s likely the passenger side cv joint. Turning left, drivers side cv joint…correct?”


Normally that is the case, but sometimes they will make noises turning both ways even though one side only is bad. With the price of Chinese made drive shafts these days, you can just buy brand new ones cheap enough. Last time I bought one for your car, it cost forty nine bucks here in Texas. And it’s a pretty simple deal to change them out.

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