1998 honda accord change a timing belt/water pump

Santi Rodriquez’s question:

is there any way to clean my catalytic converter and reuse it on my 1998 honda accord? what is the going rate for a universal catalytic? i would like to learn how to change a timing belt/water pump on my 1998 honda accord. any advice you give me i would greatly appreciate! “


If a catalytic converter is really clogged up, the material is so fused into the platinum substructure inside that nothing will break it apart. BUT, sometimes you can run catalytic converter liquid through the gas tank that can make a marginal converter work good again. All auto parts stores sell these cleaners. Changing out a timing belt and water pump can be done by anyone with hand tools and patience. You can purchase a book for your car that shows every exact step to do with pictures for less than twenty bucks, OR, if you want to e mail me through my website e mail section, I can e mail you back the whole procedure. This forum doesn’t support the sending of pictures, so I’d need an e mail address to send such information to you.

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