2001 Honda CRVCarbon Build Up. Poor idle

Phillip’s question:

” My 2001 CRV is idling poorly. There are no trouble codes, and I read your advice here, so I cleaned out the throttle valve and the whole throttle body. It was full of carbon, but it still idles poorly. What should I try next?”


Well, those little Honda engines often get carbon build up on the valves inside the engine also. I’d advise having the engine carbon cleaned by a mechanic with a power flush machine. And while you’re at it, AFTER having the valves cleaned of carbon, have the valve adjustments checked. I’d seen quite a few Hondas with valves that are badly out of adjustment cause severe idling problems. And your Honda does have adjustable valves on it (many cars don’t these days, they use hydraulic lifters that are non adjustable.)

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