95 honda civic lx problems with the left light signal

Alexander’s question:

Hi i have a 95 honda civic lx and i’m having problems with the left light signal. At night when i turn on the lights and i give the left signal, at the dashboard the arrow start clicking faster then normal and outside the car the light is weak but when the lights are off the arrow work normal. another thing is that one of my headlight is brighter then the other “


You have an electrical ground problem somewhere in the lighting system, most probably near the headlight that runs dimmer than the other. So go to that side and check the grounding wires there, and probably just run a new ground to that headlight and turn signal. I would assume that the left headlight is the dimmer headlight, and that would make perfect sense. Headlights use a LOT of juice, so when you turn the headlight on, that bad ground could cause the turn signal to get a smaller amount of grounding also, making it work poorly.

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