Higher Octane Gas for Honda Accord

John’s question:

First off, I think it’s awesome you are sharing your knowledge with everyone. I drive a Honda Accord V4. Specs say it takes a fuel type of regular. Now here’s my questions: -What are the “real” benefits of using a higher octane in my car? -Is it ok to “mix” octanes? “


You can mix them all you want, it does no harm. Now I assume you mean just a four cylinder Honda as I’ve never seen a V4 Honda, except in their motorcycles in the interceptors of the seventies. High octane gas is needed for high compression engines or turbo charged engines so the engine doesn’t knock from pre combustion. High octane gas can take more pressure before it starts to burn. Low octane gas will cause predetonation in a high compression engines, making it knock when you accelerate. Using high octane gas in a low octane rated machine is just wasting your money, you don’t need it.

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