1999 Nissan 240SX clunk noise when I hit bumps

Laura’s question:

I’ve got a 99 240SX which is making a noise in the back when I hit bumps. I went to a suspension garage and they said everything back there was fine. The car rides perfect, but that clunk noise is driving me crazy. Can you help find the source?”


Well, since you’ve already had the suspension checked out, it should be fine. Now I fixed a 240 SX last year with the same problem, thanks to the History Channel. I was watching a program on shipping, and they showed how the Nissans coming into Los Angeles were naked cars. At the port, they added cosmetic extras to the cars, such as spoilers and fancy trim. And believe it or not, they just glued these parts on with double sticky tape. I thought they would have been better made, but it was just tape that held the parts on. The Nissan I fixed with a clunk turned out to have a loose spoiler on the trunk. The tape had worn out, and the spoiler clunked when you hit big bumps. So check that spoiler out and have it reglued back on if it’s come loose.

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