Nissan Altima 1994 gxe low MPG No Check Engine Light

Roger’s question:

I have a nissan altima 1994 gxe four door .This car gives me only 13-14 miles /gallon. I changed plugs and no good sign came out.there is no check engine light has 105000 miles on it so what you suggest to me. thanks roger”


The mass air flow sensors go bad all the time on those Altimas. They measure the air coming into the engine and tell the computer how much fuel to spray out of the injectors. This is the Number One problem with those cars. You can get a rebuilt mass air flow sensor just about anywhere these days, as they break down so often in those Altimas that practically everyone stocks them. And for some strange reason, a bad mass air flow sensor in Altimas often doesn’t set off the check engine light (bad software if you ask me.)

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