My 2004 Saturn won’t start at times

Lisa’s question:

My 2004 Saturn won’t start at times. Then, all by itself, it will start and run normally. I’ve taken it to a couple mechanics, but it always starts for them and they say they can’t find anything wrong. HELP me, Please. “


Well, I’ve seen that more than once. Those dumb side post batterys that they use in some American cars (interesting that they don’t use them in most foreign cars) can wallow out inside and create a poor connection. SO, sometimes the car will start normal, and sometimes it won’t at all. Have the battery terminals removed and see if the threads on the battery and on the cable bolts are worn and not smooth anymore. If so, then replace the battery and the side terminal bolts that screw into the battery. I have never been a big fan of side post batterys for this reason: they often lose a tight connection from vibration inside the engine compartment. And you just don’t see this with top post batterys due to their much greater contact surface area between the battery terminal and the cables themselves. Sometimes an older design is better.

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