2000 Toyota Avalon XL 144,000 miles [idle air control valve]

Debra Rushings’s question:

I have a 2000 Toyota Avalon XL with approx 144,000 miles. The Saturday a.m. before Easter, I attempted to start the car and it shut completely off. This happened 7 times in a row. Finally I started it up and kept my foot on the gas and revved the engine. I continued with my trip approx 70 miles. Later that same day the car fell dead while coming to a stop. I took it to one of the Toyota dealers and was told I need a new idle air control valve and engine peak performance service cost $850.63. Have any suggestions!”


Well, those engine idle valves only come as a complete throttle assembly on Toyotas and they are expensive. My advice would be to get a used one from a salvage yard. I bought one last week for sixty five dollars from one after I bartered a little. And, sometimes you can just clean the carbon off the old valve and then they work fine again. Get a second opinion and have another mechanic attempt to clean it first, that does work sometimes. Then go used if cleaning doesn’t work, those valves don’t break down all that often so a used one should be good.

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