99 Toyota Camry No AC Foggy Windows

Dave’s Question: The AC on my 99 Camry went out. Not that I care about the AC in this freezing cold weather, but the windows now fog up all the time. The AC light flashes on and off, and when I hot wire the AC compressor, it will work then. So something’s gone electronically. What can I check next, all the fuses and relays are working?
Toyota Camri 1999

Toyota Camri 1999

Answer: Yes, you’ve got an electrical short somewhere, since hot wiring the compressor makes the system work. Behind the glove box there’s a small computer called the AC amplifier. If they go bad, you’ll have no power going to the compressor. Check to see if power is going into the amplifier, but not coming out when you turn the AC button on. If this is the case, replace the amplifier. If no power is going into the amplifier, then check the switch itself for power in and power out. Somewhere you will be losing power, and that will be the culprit. Good Luck,

  1. 1Dave said on Oct 30th, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    thanks for saving me a ton. I went to a junk yard and bought the AC ampifier module behind the glove box on my 99 Camry. Cost me fifty bucks and now the AC is blowing fine. Am I glad I didn’t let the mechanic replace my compressor for about 600 bucks. Keep up the great work. Dave

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