97 turbo Volvo smoking like a chimney

Willie’s question:

I’ve got a 97 turbo Volvo and now it’s smoking like a chimney. When I step on the gas, a white plume emits from my tailpipe. It’s really embarrassing. What do you think it is?”


Well, I just fixed one like that last year. Odds are the turbo charger is leaking internally. The turbo itself is lubricated by oil feed lines and cooled by water feed lines. The oil seals go bad, then the turbo sucks a ton of oil into the engine intake. When it burns, your Volvo turns into a giant mosquito fogger. Different Volvos use different turbo chargers. Some can be purchased rebuilt and work fine. But some like the Mitsubishi turbos, really can’t be rebuilt and must be purchased new (close to two thousand dollars.) SO, find out what kind of turbo yours has and start searching for a good rebuilt unit if possible.

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