2000 New Beetle had the key broken off in the ignition

William’s question:

My 2000 New Beetle had the key broken off in the ignition. So I took it to a locksmith and they installed a new tumbler and keys. But, it won’t start now. It turns, but won’t start.”


Well, you’re dealing with a modern VW with an immobilizer system. They key has to match the immobilizer system, which was the case with your old broken key. But, the new key won’t work. You’ll need to find a mechanic with the ability to reprogram the system. BUT, in the time being, if you still have the old broken key, you can try using the new key to turn the ignition, and hold the old key next to the ignition switch by the side. This often will send enough signal to let the car start while you’re waiting to have the immobilizer system reprogrammed. Then you don’t have to tow it anywhere.

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