Windshield washer pump replacement DIY BMW E38

If you want to replace your windshield washer pump yourself you came to the right place. Doing this job yourself will save a lot of money.


BMW Windshield washer pump location on car

At first make sure that the problem is really a bad washer pump. Steps to diagnose windshield washer pump (for any car):

  1. Check appropriate fuse if it’s blown. A blown fuse may indicate a short circuit somewhere in the wiring.
  2. Check if you actually have windshield washer fluid. Empty container will not squirt water you know.
  3. If fuse is good then check voltage at the pump during operation. You should have a basic multimeter with voltage reading and stick 1 probe to ground another to signal wire. Basically windshield washer motor has 2 wires that control it. One wire is ground and other is +12V. When you push the wiper lever towards yourself normally you should see some fluid squirted on the window and immediate wiper action. At the same time multimeter should read +12V (depending on battery charge) because motor is powered at the moment. If you see 12V and motor doesn’t seem to work (no sound or buzzing noise), then you can safely buy new replacement pump.
  4. Check plastic lines if they’re still attached and nozzles which might be clogged.

    bmw-e38-windshield-washer-pump (1)

    Replacement pump 67128360244

Put your right front car side on a jack stand and remove left right wheel. Unscrew plastic rain guard and you should see white plastic windshield washer container with the pump. Depending on year and car model, you could have 2 separate motors. One is for windshield and another for headlamps. The latter is bigger and more powerful because headlamp washers need more pressure.

bmw-e38-windshield-washer-pump (7)

Standard connector doesn’t fit so I had to reuse original connector part from the broken pump.

Remove power connector and pry motor from its plastic seat. Also separate plastic hose secured with a hose clamp. Inspect the motor and try to manually turn the inside spinning rotor. Probably it is stuck and will not be able to move. Take new motor and reconnect in reverse order.

Attach power connector and test the windscreen wash function while you have tire removed for possible mistakes. If all goes well reconnect plastic rainguard and tire.

If you have any question, please ask in the comment section and our staff or readers try to answer as soon as possible.

Additional photos of the repair:

bmw-e38-windshield-washer-pump (6)

Corroded and jammed original washer pump 67128360244

bmw-e38-windshield-washer-pump (2)

61 66 8 352 899 washer fluid reservoir


bmw-e38-windshield-washer-pump (5)

Windshield washer fluid reservoir (breather pipe)

bmw-e38-windshield-washer-pump (4)

Windshield washer fluid reservoir, see connector for the pump