Li-ion battery swelling (aka bulging)

Li-ion battery swelling

Li-ion battery swelling

When dealing with cheap chinese electronics like mp3 players, solar chargers, android tablets, etc. be aware of bulging li-ion batteries. I buy in bulk for reselling and sometimes you whole batch of defected stuff with swelling li-ion batteries. I wonder how they clear throught the airports check. If one of the batteries catch fire when on the air, it could be catastrophic.

When charging this li-ion battery pressure builds up inside and start to push the screen or plastic case off. I had even 1 accident when solar charger swelled so badly, the pressure cut the bolts through plastic casing.

The quality of chinese products is still very poor. Guess if you have serious accident will they be responsible for that? Good look even finding them to present with your trouble. They only fast to take money, but doesn’t want to be responsible for nothing.