10 Things Not To Do On Holiday

1. A rare accompany my wife shopping, half-way walk away impatiently away.

This man is really a lot of middle-aged men often see in the market very impatient to accompany my wife shopping, rarely have a section, you will more patience.

2 finally back home to see their parents, the results of the major time and drinking buddies.

I have many friends are like this year round in Beijing, the holidays finally back home now, particularly the results of food stalls, and finally to take that talent and Mom and Dad found not talk it!。 Well friends, you can party long to Japan, the parents do, the best moment filial.

3, play cards or video games all night, sleep during the day.

Rare holiday, the holiday was that pitch darkness of life, playing cards are most welcome, a dozen one night, during the day unexamined, the time difference for a long time does not take over after the holidays, this is called “holiday syndrome.”

4 lazy than usual, one did not do housework.

Usually you are busy, Men are not pointing to your work, but the holiday, we have the rest of the women comrades.

5 to go home, take the initiative to meet with my first girlfriend.

This is something most do not fly, but not right, we still miss each other, and saw that two consequences, one, met with disappointment, two, since more links to a marriage court disaster. So not as good as gone.

6 with family or friends to spend unrealistic.

Impulse buying is not only in women who most men want to face, out to play, a Luo bought a bunch of nonsense, to the family expenditure in serious trouble.

7  does not actively take the initiative to visit the father-in-law.

This is not the wisdom to see your wisdom, and wise men are the first to coax a good Tarzan, and his wife will naturally want to be good to you.

8 kids to buy should not buy luxury.

A child, bought him your not his age that some things, not love is the harm.

9 drunkenness, more than once.

Drink often rude, make some inappropriate behavior, and the body does not allow you to old so ah!

10 drink-driving.

This I Needless to say, so much blood in the lesson.

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