Job Interview Tips For Getting Summer Job

Some quick advice on what to consider before the job interview.

Ulla Thud and Asa Falkman at recruitment firm Hammersmith & Hanborg give some quick advice on what you should think about before a job interview.

  • Be clear, listen to the question and answer properly
  • Have a good handshake and adjust your clothing for the industry.
  • Work out a couple of phrases that you think you will have use for.
  • Be prepared to talk about what you should be able to achieve at the company and what you can contribute to the organization.
  • Do proper research, both about the company and whether those who are interviewing you.
  • Show commitment and curiosity and you are happy to have the conversation
  • If you have not got the job – be sure to get feedback after the interview. Is there something you can develop and hone for future interviews?