town and country van brakes

Roger’s question:

this is roger again,I asked about town and country van that I changed the brakes and does not stop,I loosen the bleeder valve when pushing the callipers back in the holes,you said if the padel goes down may be master cylinder problem, no the pedal does not go down its too tight and there is abs light comes .so what do think. thanks”


If the pedal is too tight and the ABS light is on, then you either have a problem in the power booster (if it doesn’t boost the brake system, the pedal will be ROCK hard but will not stop quickly as there is no boost) AND OR you have a problem in the ABS system. Changing out the brake pads has absolutely no effect on the booster system directly, so I would suspect the problem is in the ABS system, because working on the brake system can cause ABS damage. The ABS system is very complex, and even something as simple as cracking a bleeder line can cause problems in the ABS system. Good Luck,

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