1988 Honda Accord does not start

Russ’s question:

I have a 1988 Honda Accord that does not start. I replaced the distributor cap and rotor and the ignitor – no change. I tested for spark from the coil output and I do get spark, but no spark from the output to the spark plugs. What next? Could the coil be weak or is it spark/no spark? Some mechanics tell me its the fuel pump? Thanks”


It can’t be the fuel pump, that does not effect the spark (you could of course have more than one thing wrong.) Since you have no spark to the spark plugs, I would just replace the whole distributor with a rebuilt unit, or one of those totally brand new ones from China (they can actually cost less and work great.) As I said before, that’s what mechanics do these days. We don’t mess around with fixing something that has many parts if we can get a good price on a new unit.

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