Leaking engine oil on the back of the engine

Paul’s question:

My 2000 Dodge Caravan with the four cylinder engine is leaking engine oil on the back of the engine. I though it could be the valve cover gasket, so I replaced it. But the leak is still there. I can’t figure it out, give me a hand


Well, you might not like the hand I’m giving you. On the back side of that engine, there’s really nothing that can cause engine oil leaks other than a blown head gasket or a cracked engine head. I did one a couple months ago, the head gasket had blown in the back and oil was coming out of it. This is a pretty expensive repair, so before you go that far, put some ultraviolet engine oil leak dye into the engine oil. Then see if the green dye is coming from between the head and the block at the back. If so, you’ll need to take that engine apart. By the way, it is a pretty common problem in those four cylinder Dodge products

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