2002 Ford Focus shifting poorly (TPS sensor Code)

Sally’s question:

My 2002 Focus is shifting really poorly. The check engine light was on, so I went to Auto Zone and got the codes free like you’ve suggested to others. The code is for the “throttle position sensor” which they showed me was on the engine. How can this engine part be the problem, it’s my transmission that’s shifting poorly?”


Well, I fixed on a couple weeks ago with the same problem. It was shifting poorly, and had the same code. I replaced the throttle position sensor, and it went back to shifting smooth as silk. Since cars today are very computer controlled, if the computer gets a weird signal from the throttle position sensor, it can make the transmission shift really harshly (realize that the transmission is also computer controlled.) So get yourself a new TPS and you’ll probably be surprised at how smooth it shifts when you’re done.

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