2000/2001 Toyota Celica GT Clutch Wear

Simon’s question:

Hey I saw your video on youtube and I really like the way you pass on information I was wondering in regards to a 2000/2001 Toyota Celica GT with low mileage of 100 clicks or less, how much do you think its worth? Especially since if the clutch has never been changed and lets just assume that all the interior and wheels are above average.?? For newer 2000 year + cars.. how often does the clutch wear under a typical use?


First, clutch wear depends upon where you drive and how you drive. I’ve had customers who do mainly highway driving get over 150 thousand miles out of a clutch. While some hard drivers who do mainly in town driving can wear them out in thirty thousand miles. The more you baby the clutch, the longer they last. As for value, I assume you have a regular celica and not a GTS with the Yamaha racing engine in it. It would probably be worth about 3300 trade in, if it was really clean you might sell it on the street for forty five hundred.

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